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20 March 2015 @ 01:56 pm

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18 September 2013 @ 08:07 pm
a candle on 'House of Raminten'
Various snacks made of mushrooms at 'Jejamuran'
One of art exhibition in Malioboro, "Jogja not for sale'
a cute icon doll at Lotte Mall
rawr~ said my boarding house kitten~ isn't she cute~ x3
Hello there world~
a snippet of my Office x3
Sleeping Beauty~
A crook in the sky
Thai tea at Horappa~ already done with all the food x3
Having dinner with my sis at Basilia~ Italian dish~ yum yum x3
a scenery outside my bus on my way back to my worktown x3
-Done x3
p.s: BLOCK B IS BACKKKKK!!!!!!!!
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so yesterday,,,kinda feel a little vague to me,,OMG,,I can't believe yesterday really happen,,,I mean,,,friday I still in Indonesia, the next day I already roaming around at Kuala Lumpur and today I sitting at my office in Indonesia,,really,,next time I will spend my night,,it feels kinda blur though it only just yesterday,,
anyway,,it really just an impulse decision,,when I hear that Block B will come to Malaysia, I whining all along,,why they didn't come to my country,, /sobs anyway,,,when they really fixed up to come there,, I made my mind,,I order flight to go there,,and it was a promo too(lucky me) and I quickly made my passport,,tough I really spend a lot on that coz I have to make it before the day,,
anyway,,the night before I go there I really can't close my eyes for a bit,,so this is what people said as "can't sleep before the big day" which I just feel it that night,,then at 3am I rushed to Juanda airport,,thankfully I got a company so I spend my 2 hours waiting while chatting with her. Her name is Nilu and she's a med student from Airlangga University and she going to a 3days-vocation to her brother's place at malaysia. Also there this young girl who cutely said that she's scared coz she's going to work in Taipei but she's all alone. It was so cute when she rambling randomly in dialect,,khe,,good luck with your work there sis,, ^w^
there's this time difference between Malaysia and Indonesia so I feel a little jetlag,,LOL also my flu haven't cured up so the air pressure kinda hurt my ears n making me dizzy,,
when I arrive I exchange my money right away which luckily got a higher kurs (0.000314). when I told the imiggration staff that I going back right away, she kinda startled,,khe,,next time I come again and spend the night mam,,
right,,,finally the challenge has begun,,I kinda stutter when I converse at first,,also their dialect is confusing me at first but then I got used to it,,also I thought that my english dialect begining to feel like them by the end,,khe,,
then I exchange my sim card and rode sky bus to Sentral,,first thing I notice when I go there is there's really a lot of Sawit field in there,,I mean from airport till Kuala Lumpur, all I can see is Sawit field. Later I got an info that it was the reason why things at KL is cheaper than Indonesia,,the difference of Sawit oil's price is around IDR13.000 or MYR4.30. that's really alot you know,,I gaped when I know it,,
also,,there's not much of people used motorcycle in there,,even the traffic jam is so neat,,no honking or over taking line,,really really neat,,also the 3 different culture at Malaysia really fascinating me,,when I'm in the bus my head filled kinda dizzy coz there's people speaks hindi,,people next to my seat speaks chinese, people at the back speaks melayu,,oh my head,,the thought of how I'm gonna survive with my poor english skill are floating aroung,,
when I arrive at sentral,,I got so confused,,coz when I browsing it, I should have arrive at KLCC, where the Petronas Tower took place,,instead I came at place like Blok M,,so I text my friend in there, Junjunki , that I kinda lost,,so she told me to go to Monorail station which I didn't know where it took place, later I found I have to walk around 200metres and idk it's way at first so my final choice is Taxi. At first they didn't know where Kenanga  Mall is,,thankfully I printed the map and whe go there right away. The driver's name is Mr. Jacky,,we really chat a lot, he said that he likes me coz I always smile and laugh a lot,,khe,,he told me to sit beside him so I did,,He said that he really can't believe that I still single,,at first I still thought that he just being nice,,but later I found that he's also single too,,,khe,,not everyday I got flirt though,,so I just enjoyed it,,,lol,,thankfully becoz I chat with him a lot, I got used with english,,too bad he charged me really a lot,,/sobs
ah,,at sentral, I left my jacket at skybus, so I told the man at the Airbus counter that I will get it back when I go there again by 6pm,,
at Kenanga mall,,I looking for lift(coz the venue is at level 15) which is pretty hard to find coz they made it kinda secluded in the corner,,so there's around 5 lift hall in there,,at first I found the 3th hall but sadly, it didn't reach that level( only 1st, 2nd and 5th hall which could reach that level) then i go to the next hall at the corner(2nd hall) but when i go there there's an announcement that it only for luggage lift(which eventually become ordinary lift coz there's so much people) so I tiredly ( coz I only eat one bread for breakfast and I'm so thirsty coz airport took my water) go to another corner which is 1st hall,,

when i go to the venue,,there's already a lot of BBC in there,,the bad thing is,,the distance is so far from the stage coz the closer place is for VIP only,,also I can't reach Junjunki coz sadly his battery run out,,so I just walking around tiredly,,my face already not fresh anymore and I feel the fatigue comes,,first thing of all,,I need to find water,,so I go down again and order mocha ice blend at the only take out cafe in there,,the staff is kinda cute,,I didn't know if he/she coz the outer appearance is totally boyish but I'm sure I see a little chest in there,,lol and he/she had this "mong" expression all along,,so cuteee,,,

back at the venue I hopelessy called Junjunki again,,and just sat around there,,thankfully there's this two girls greeted me coz one of the girls want to go to Cleo shop at the back so she want me to took care for the place,,when we converse, I found that one of the girls can speak Bahasa coz she's had stay at Indonesia for 3 years before,,their names is Izzy and Vina,,they really keep me company while we waiting,,
the show is kinda delayed coz they wait till the VIP guest comes,,so at 2.30pm, on hour after the said time, the show finally began with the dragon dance and greeting speech,,and then they take some picture and they invite Block B too,,,OMG,,it feels so unreal,,,OMG,,I'm breathing the same air with them,,OMG,, /brb dying
they really just look the same with all the fanpicture and fancam,,Jaehyo even look radiant coz there's the sunlight fell at his face,,idkw but I feel that they had long face or puzzled?? idk,, they wear the nanrina shirt,,sadly,,there's no Zico,,idkw,,I thought when Zico perform at his university, he will also come at Malaysia,,I miss u me baby swagger,,when Block b come to Indonesia, make sure u also come too,,
after taken some picture, there's this long fashion show,,I still feel so sleeppy so I mostly just rest and sit at the floor,,but then,,some VIP guest left,,and some fans asking their VIP pass to go inside,,so I just follow suit,,but Izzy and Vina still wait at their place so I just wait at Lift hall alone,,later I got a company,,this cute girl who also look for the pass,,me and her wait around 10-15 minutes till finally this Caucasians lady with two VIP pass necklace passed by,,at first she refused but then she finally giving it away,,too bad is, one of the necklace go to other people,,so this cute girl still had none,,I just took her hand and pleading to the guard staff to passed it,,and he aggreed,,,thankyou Mr,,,so I just run around while holding her hand in there, while we run, she keep saying "I don't know you,,why you took me,,I owe you a lot you know",,well if I was that girl, I also wishing to have that treatment,,when I get to the backstage,, the guard caught me when I go to where the block B's rest,,since idk if my pass actually only VIP pass not the fansign pass so I just rambling "where's the fansign" at the guard,,thankfully the cute girl pull me to take a seat first,,ah,,her name is Joey
by the way,,being a VIP guest is so good,,the food keep coming up,,I got to eat drum stick and sushi,,too bad,,the melon soda juice I drank felt that it has alcohol in it,,coz I became a bit tipsy after I drink it,,but Joey said it don't have any,,
good thing is,, Joey found that her cousin is one of the photographers and she said that we could sit at the front when Block B's come,,while we waiting,,I got to enjoy the other's performer,,especially the duo who sang so good,,they sang a chinese version of  some old song,,so i just sang along,,
I finally got so anxious coz Block B haven't come out by 3.30pm,,coz I need to catch my flight and judging from the bus ride and stuff, I need to be at sentral by 6.30pm atleast,,(airasia and his strict time-condition) but then by 4pm, they finally come out,,
the Block B's partCollapse )
around 5.15pm I go back,,order a drink at the same cafe and manage to catch a picture of  it's cute staff,,khe,,then from there I walk to monorail station which pretty far from there,,while I walk there,,I got some crows spit at me,,tsk,,( btw there's really a lot of crow in there,,so it got pretty scary when evening comes)
now the problem is how I order the ticket,,there really a long queue at each ticket machine,,and idk how it works,,so I manage to get some help from a group of girls behind me,,too bad is,,the machine only take not more than MYR5,,so i have to exchange it,,and when I get back the girls already gone,,luckily I still remember how to order it,,
then comes another problem,,which peron i should wait,,first girl I ask didn't know,,the 2nd girls said I enter the wrong side,,then the next 3 cute girls also didn't know but they willing to help me to ask to the staff and luckily,,we got the same train,,so I just follow them all along,,though I got so confused when they speaks chinese to themself,,but they really nice and chat with me all along,,they asked if I going to see teentop coz the venue is also closed to airport and stuff,,sad thing is I haven't ask their names,,but I manage to give them my email,,contact me please,,,I owe u guys a lot,, /hugs
at sentral i got to fetch my jacket back again and then I rode the bus,,I notice that my balance still a lot so I just text my friends at Indonesia and rant,,LOL

I got at the airport at 19.30pm,,but the sun still up,,it really shocking me,,lol,,it feels kinda nice if the day is long,,
I check in right away,,,buy some chocolate (which I regret that I didn't but more) and finally take a decent dinner,,I ate Malaysia Laksa spicy soup,,it's pretty unique,,too bad is it have so many vegetable and onion,,,by the time I was full,,it still have the same portion before I eat it,,like one of the 3 cute girls said, airport food isn't tasty and expensive,,I didn't said it's not tasty but I still didn't get used with the taste,,but the price,,yeah,,it does really expensive,,the whole package is MYR20 OTL

while waiting the flight,,I got to chat up with a woman,,we really chat a lot,,she's actually from Indonesia but follow his husband and stay at Malaysia since 1993,,while we chatting, I jsut found that she's fall and adore Malaysia,,there's so many good stuff in there,,people hold their rules very strictly,,childrens got to school free, even they got paid for uniform and stuff, how all the malaysian people need to learn english since kid, they even invite foreign teacher to teach them,,how the teacher being treated very well that they only work for 7months sum up,,how they celebrate every culture's big day which make me want to go there at Diwalli day,,how they used monorail alot so the street always seems neat,,it really feels so nice,,and convenience,,makes me feel regreted that I didn't agree to buy the bigsale flight ticket to Malaysia,,I mean,,I haven't got to Petronas tower yet,,haven't to stroll along Hindi's market,,haven't went to china town,,ah,,should've stay for the night there,,
when I rode the flight,,I sleep deeply,,even forgot that I need to pee since the beginning,,lol,,I finally arrive at my bed by 1pm,,khe
the funny thing of all is when I mention that I from Indonesia and going straight back right away and only comes to watch Block B,,all of them very amaze at me and said that I'm very brave,,LOL
yeah,,my reckless mind makes me could see Block B's live,,too bad it's so short,,makes me kinda regret that I didn't come to Singapore's showcase,,ahh,,,next time guys,,you should come to Indonesia,,I will spend all of my saving for you all,,got it,,,BUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA /slapself
anyway,,I think that's wrap up my experience,,will complete it with pictures after I back at my boarding house(visiting my office to greets my workmate but finally stay just to wrote this and spend over 3hours lol)
bye journal,,see u at the next fan account,,almost forgot that I didn't write about laruku's concert,,
updating with picture,,ah,,I should've brought decent camera,,I mean,,they were so close but yet I could only manage to take some blur picture,,also I didn't even take a picture of my self there,, OTL but my face at that time must be so ugly coz of sweats and fatigue,,next time,,,next time,,,,
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29 March 2012 @ 08:18 pm
this is why,,ah,,my crappy design,,going to change it back to it's original,,
n here bonus,,

anyway,,suju going back to jakarta,,an there's laruku 3days later,,damn,,just kill me promotor,,wae u make it at short span,,

just please don't make akihabara at May,,I'm broke,,
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12 December 2011 @ 04:42 pm

sunset outside my training's class

believe it or not,,this is my guy friend's leg,,ah,,envy,,

my female class mate take a polaroid picture,,

my training class,,i miss u so much,,i had a lotta fun...U.U

starbucks at my last night in bintaro,,T_____T

prosperity menu at bee's,,realy really a lot,,,-speechless- n it's cheap,,khekhe,,
my boarding house cat with my block b's wallie,,X3

Surabaya Heritage Track

House of Sampoerna

"mie kocok bandung",,hmm,,just so so,,

Spicy seafood noodle with dumpling bowl,,so delicious,,n spicy,,but it make me going back n forth to bathroom,,

Car Free Day at Bangkul Park,,btw,,that bicycles are amazing,,it's so unique,,

scenery outside my window's bus,,everytime i'm going back to my current place,,i always enjoy this scenery,,

Pangandaran Beach,,n that deer really make so much noise at night n make a mess our resort's trash,,

at Turtle breeding place,,they're so cute,,

Shark Fin Beach,,too bad it's cloudy n we're kinda late,,so we missed the sunset,,U.U

Lelelela,,it's quite good,,n pretty cheap,,most of their menu is something-catfish,,XDDD
I miss this place,,ahhh,,,
just,,two owl,,,khe khe,,

JCC's IT expo,,

Jala Jala,,totally the best restaurant i've ever come,,their foods is so tasty,,n it's not too expensive,,but never order fried eggplant,,it's a no no,,

just another sunset,,X3

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02 November 2011 @ 11:46 pm
Title: After Dark
Pairing: B-Bomb/U-Kwon/U-Bomb
Rating: NC-17/Smut

Warning: Boy x Boy Relationship, Failed Grammar

beub beub beubCollapse )A.N: Sorry,,it's just random thought i had for couple days and got to made it while waiting my friend sleep at a cafe,,lol,,
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20 October 2011 @ 10:46 am
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27 September 2011 @ 09:03 pm

it's east java's chicken nooddle,,kinda different coz its nooddle look more yellowish(not really seen in this picture)
it's quite good,,but the place kinda scary coz its infront of cemetary,,lol,,
thanks god it crowded that day,,

solaria's i fu mie seafood,,idk why i always order this everytime i go to solaria,,its really a huge portion to be eaten by one person,,
i really love this food,,

i even forgot its place,,lol,,coz its really not that good,,plus its expensive,,soba bla bla,,shabu blu blu,,the only thing is good enough is karaage n tempura,,

hot coffe from bee's,,idk,,my sister ordered it,,havent taste a bit,,T.T

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06 June 2011 @ 03:25 pm

finally i make this,,,
i'm so excited bout this event,,,
4 of the performers is into my liking,,,coz i don't really know bout SS501 n i dont have their variety show, only 1 or 2,,
also,,,i really wanted to see the boss,, n finally i could see them,,
i know i'm an ELF too,,but instead of watching them at this stage,,i wanted to see them at super show more,,,

at jakarta, i stayed at daisukiniwa 's place,,n she's really out of control that day,,u know it later,,
after breakfast, i got info that donghae will arrive at 1pm, but i already told my friends that we will come at the venue by 11am,,
coz of daisukiniwa is a huge fans of donghae,,we finally going to airport,,,
at the airport,,there's so many ELF in there,,the airport seems like sapphire blue see,,well,,not in this picture btw,,i didnt take the sapphire blue part,,

this is when we queue up,,
n u know what,,
at first we're waiting at gate 2E,,but then,,at schedule,,he will arrive at gate 2D,,
so we move there while running,,
then there's screaming at gate 2E,,but me n niwa didnt move coz we thought its a decoy,,
but then there's news that donghae already left n there's picture of it,,,
arghhh,,im so dissappointed,,,we're waiting for 1 and a half hour n got nothing,,,
after that we hurriedly back to senayan,,
n we meet with this 2 girls,,,she had this fancam n she's really closed with donghae,,,
btw,,one of these girls actually is my junior from my academy,,,
lol,,what a small world,,

after arrive at the venue,,,
omg,,what  a crowded place,,
even my friends who queue at 11 am,, they only got place 5 meter from the entry gate,,
coz niwa thinks that its useless to queue 3 hours before the show,,so we just take a break near the area,,
after the gate is opened up,we start queing,,n thanks god its not slow,,not like 2 pm,,
in the area theres some stand,,,
coz we didnt take a lunch,,we eat bibimbap n buy hop hop pop,,kinda like buble tea,,

we didn't wait for long until we can enter the venue,,
at 5 pm we already inside the venue,,
coz its already full every where so we only got the uppest seat but its not really a bad seat, coz we could see the stage clearly,,,

niwa began crying when seoul song is played,,,
i cant upload the picture coz she will kill me if i did,,

at 6pm,,
2 mc showed up,,
one is from indonesia, edrick tjandra, n the other is from korea,,i dnt remember his name,,but his english is perfect,,
edrick  is so funny,,even if his english isn't fluent,,but he's jjang,,
the first performer is,,,

Dae Guk Nam Ah,,
at first i thought they will perform third coz they r sunbae for x5 n girls day,,
1st song is " Admiring Boys"
uwah,,,really coolll n sweettt,,,
at dance break time i thought jay is falling but he actuallly do the scorpion dance,,,
gyaaaa,,i'm so thrilll....

2nd Song: Shining World
-still not sure-
gyaa,,they really have a great voice,,
even niwa amazed by them,,,

3rd song : New Boyz
so coollll,,,
niwa really like their dance, even if i finds it funny,,,

4th song : Noel -  Propose
i'm really sure that they do a cover song, n im right,,
they really pick a great song,,
too bad there's no romanized lyric of this song,,

5th song : Stumble stumble
i really love this song,,so i also sang with them,,,lol,,,
uwah,,finally could watch this performance live,,,
i'm gonna cry,,,
sorry i lied,,,
i'm so excited n it really makes me super happy,,so why should i cry,,

when they introduce themself,,edrick ma ke a body contact with hyunmin,,the crowd is going crazy,,,hyunmin just chuckle n lay his arm around edrick,,
they said "aku cinta indonesia" which means i love indonesia,,,
oh yeah,,before they perform admiring boys, some one scream " indonesia",,i thought its hyunmin,,coz its so dark when he say it,,n his voice kinda heavy,,,
ah,,i just feel their performance is too short,,,
i wanna see them more,,,
btw,,if u see a crazy fangirl who screamed karam over n over,,thats me,,

2nd performer

1st song: Fantasy
it's a robotic dance,,,
sorry have nothing to say,,,
well,they seem kinda lack of practice coz it still unsynchronized,,

2nd song: Don't come near me
they change their clothes,,
the dance seems better than fantasy,,

3rd song: the show is over
finally could see the pelvis thrust dance,,
omg ghun unbutton his shirt n do that hip thrust,,
im gonna die,,,

their introduction is so funny,,
coz they're super tall,,i think edrick kinda stand far from them,,
n they said "aku cinta fans indonesia" whicm means i love indonesian fans
but,,they're kinda lack of vocal quality,,
its so dissapointing coz  they're DGNA's junior,,

3rd performer

Girl's Day
1st song: Nothing last forever
so coollll,,,they're so sexy,,,
n their voice is not bad,,,

2nd song: twinkle twinkle
this is why i want to see them,,
i really love this song,,,so cutee,,,,
n their costume fit perfectly with this song,,,so fluffy,,

3rd song : how do i look?
thanks god they're no perform gyattun,,,
this song is far beeter than that,,
n this song is so cuteee,,,,
i enjoy it even if i havent hear it before,,

when introduce time,,they use their usual introduction so its kinda funny when the translator say it in Indonesia,,
n edrick really love them,,
they shake their hand one by one,,
n he's especially love miinah,,
he said that she's really cute"
at the end of their performance,,they asked to idntroduce the next performer,,which is,,,

4th performer

1st song: Not Alone
his dancer is amazing,,,really really coolll,,,
too bad he himself didnt dance it,,,

2nd song: Do you Know
omg,,,his voice is amazing,,,
i rather he be a ballad singer than a dance singer,,
his voice is really good,,,

3rd song: every day is christmas for me
i thinks its a cover song by CNR,,
OMG,,he is really nice,,
he really give many fan service at this song,,
n he took a green flag from a fans,,
i really going become his fan after this,,

4th song: Go go
there's a girl dancer who dance sexily with him,,,,
so seductive,,,
too bad he's lipsync at this song,,

introduce time: he's very fluent with bahasa indonesia,,
he's really nice to edrick,,
when edrick said " why are your face so similar with me?", he answer "yeah,,i also suprised of how similar we are"
when he anwer that, me n niwa said " he's kind" in unison,,
i means, he's not snorting n answer it calmly,,,
aw aw,,,
oh yeah,,he's the first performer whose name is fanchanted,,
i hope it make him super pleased,,,

n last but not least,,,
5th performer,,

every body scream like crazy,,,,
1st song: Miinah
idk,,i still feel blank at this song,,i still cant believe that suju is infront of me,,,
too bad teuki wear shirt under his suit,,when he showed his back, it still cover ,,,
ah teuki,,,just open that shirt,,
n i just see heechul new look, coz i havent see his update picture for so long,,and wow,,
well,,,he's heechul anyway,,do whatever he wants,,lol,,

2nd song: No Other
ah,,why i saw at hyuk n shindong during "naega miccheo miccheo baby"
i wanna see wook n sungmin's crazy behaviour at that part,,,

3rd song: Perfection
there's zhoumi n henry,,,
henry look skinnier n taller,,,
aw,,,my chubby boy,,,

4th song: Super Girl
they sang it in chinese,,eventhough i love the korean version more,,but it still good,,,
everyone do the "my love" hand dance,,it's so coolll,,,

5th song: Rokkugo
wowwwww,,,i never thought that they will perform this song,,
it's so amazing,,
every one sing it for a whole song,,
but hyuk n shindong kinda forgot do the rap at first,,
n heechul really funny,,when everyone sit at the front, he just do a random dance at the back,,

6th song: sorry sorry
heechul just scream "sorry" at beginning n then move back,,
awww,,,the fanchant is amazing,,,
n i forgot who win at rock paper scissor,,i think its eunhyuk,,cmiiw,,
love it how they still do their usual tradition,,

introduction time:
aw,,,im so happy when they called zhoumi n henry before introducing "URI SUPER JUNI-OR E YO~!!!"
ah,,my mind still kinda blank at this part,,,,
eeteuk said " Assalamualaikum 2x,,saya suka indonesia gadis" which means" greetings, i like indonesian girls(well its actually should be 'gadis indonesia')
hyuk said "you are so gorgeous" lol,,,
everyone try their best to said something in Indonesia,,
Mimi still saying in chinese,,n henry in english,,
is they really there,,smelling same air with me,,
n i still think it's too short,,,
i still wanna see them,,,
but they promise to come again n make ss4 in here,,
uwah,,im so happyy,,gonna buy the expensive ticket for sure,,
-hope my salary already  there-
oh yeah,,before sorry sorry, there's an indonesian girl who throw 3 medal to stage, the same girl who throw medal at ss malaysia n singapore,,
here's here twitter
shindong took it n put it all on kyuhyun,,lol
when kyu asked to say something, he said " bcoz im a magnae, i cant say anything"
lol,,totally evil magnae,,

sapphire blue sea,,

Last performance,,
suddenly theres korean kids come into the stage sing "heal the world"
n come 2 more,,one a boy wearing hanbook n the other, girl, wearing a bali traditional clothes,,n they hugged at the center of the stage,,
then one by one, all of the performers come back to the stage,,
Park Jung Min is so humble,,he stayed behind with the mc coz he want to make space for suju,,but then he told by the mc its ok to stand there,,
everyone bow continously,,,
i love it when shindong come to hyunmin's place to greet the audience,,hyunmin make a space n  bow to shindong, n he bow back,,
suju is so low profile,,they keep bowing to others, even if they're a hoobae,,
shindong also bow to X5 member but i think they didnt look at him so they didnt bow back,,
n when the little kids come at the front,,eunhyuk wave at them n tried to hi five with thembut they ignore him,,
lol,,hyuk is easy to bully,,
teukie is such a good leader,,,at the end he take all the member who still on stage to bow to all the audience,,,
he also the last to go down from the stage,,
he hi five all of the kids n keep bowing even when he on the way to go back,,
he's so cute,,,,
yoksi,,uri leader,,,

my face is such a messed in here,,,

after the show,,
me n niwa decided to go at their hotel, Sultan Hotel,,
coz there no picture of them leaving at airport, we thought that they still at the hotel,,
so we wait with the other 4 girls,,
if u hear a rumour bout 6 girls who waited 8 hours till morning at Sultan,,well thats us,,
it's so depressing,,
coz actually they already leave  n its only donghae stayed,,
one of the girls said that donghae waw us from his window,,he only wear underwear shirt n shorts,,
its too bad he didnt come down n told us go home,,
n im not gonna do it again,,
its uncomfortable to be talked behind the staff's back,,n im so sleepy,,
but niwa,,she not even tired, she even intend to stayed till breakfast time if its not bcoz of me who have to go back to my hometown,,
thank god she finally met him at the airport,,

finally im over writing this,,
if u want to watch niwa fancam,,go to this

i really hope there'll be ss4,,
i really gonna attend it twice,,

-its so tiring write it since morning n my task keep coming n coming-

ps: kimchi isnt my taste,,it's really bad,,
btw,,what i mean is food,,not the show,,
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26 May 2011 @ 08:24 am
NAME: Raiha
AGE: 21
LOCATION: stuck at front desk
FAVOURITE J-ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Takeru Sato, Juri Ueno, Erika Toda, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Mizushima Hiro, Koji Seto
FAVOURITE J-DRAMAS: Kisarazu cat's eye, rookies, dr. koto, fuyu no sakura, bara no nai hanaya, nodame cantabile, boss, etc

OTHER INTERESTS: Kpop for now,,toku, vk n american series,,
Stalker's Spot: TPT
Stalker's Mood: sleepysleepy
Stalker's Music: Infinite - Before The Dawn